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Watch the video, its worth the 5 minutes of time in your life. Have a Servant’s Heart and Mentor Someone Today, we all have something to share that will help someone!


Here is a long list of sites that my team use, this resource is for everyone to use, when I have new employees or clients I direct them to this page often.

Search Engines:

Tools to use on a Daily Basis:

Lead Generator:
  • Online Lead Finder  Keyword advertisement extractor, the software go’s online and scrapes ad’s from craigslist and dumps them into a spreadsheet, you can contact the leads by email or phone number.

Scrape your Spreadsheets:

  •  scrapes spreadsheets of duplicates, great easy to use free software
Bandit Signs (corrugated signs):
  • We have used for as long as I can remember, if you have an area that’s hot this is where you place these signs.  Start getting leads so you can help some people out of a bad situation.
Direct Mail Campaign Sites:
  •      When you are wanting to make an impression on someone to make sure they don’t forget you 3D mail may be just what you need.  It is 3 dimensional marketing products.  If you have never heard of this type of marketing or used it you need to do a split test, you will receive much higher returns.

Research Sites:

Comparables: In order to know what you’re buying or what you may be able to sell to someone else you must first know what properties are selling for in the neighborhoods you are working, this should also be done before any driving for dollars:

Rent Comparables: You must know your rental market when working areas in your town or around the country. We have to have rent comparables to give proof that there is true cash flow on a per property basis:

Find Owners of Properties: These are sites that I use every day in the business

Landlord Information:  I have had a chance to see and speak with many landlord like myself with some being decent others being good and few being great, one of the better websites for us landlords that I have used is Jeffrey Taylor.  He is the real deal, if you ever have a chance to hear him speak I would tell you not to miss it, he is funny and gives you more gold nuggets then you can handle:


Virtual Assistants:  Save time and money by building your own workforce, whether you need someone part time, full time or need a specific project done.  Here are a few sites that myself and clients have used:

Find Home Owners Phone Numbers: After a long day of driving for dollars and needing to do the due diligence to find the owners through tax rolls you need to a phone number to contact them:

Social Media: A Must for all Real Estate Investors:  In this world of internet and online investing you should think about setting up free accounts with the sites below:

Finding Deals: These are  many sites that I use to find deals:

Marketing Tools/Corrugated Signs:Check each one of the sites before ordering your signs. They run specials and discounts every so often so you don’t want to miss the extra savings.

Home Listing Sites:  Some of these sites are free or may be a fee-based listing:  You have to find motivated Sellers, here are a few:

 Commercial (General)

Office Software To Use Here is some of the software that we use in our office. You need to figure out what will work best for you:

  • FREE software! If your tired of paying for Microsoft word, excel, power point and whatever else they have to offer this software will blow your mind and its free!
  • Quickbooks Pro has always been my accountant and CPA’s software of choice, you can have an online account or the software on a computer of choice.  There are also certified people that can train you on the software.
  • You can make flyers on this site that you can place on sites. It’s great and inexpensive for what you get and what they also do for your business.

Mobile Home Parks:

Free Things Websites:

Hand Addressed Mailers:

Social software:

Press Releases:

Screen Capture Software:
Many of the computers today have screen capture software, I’m not a big fan of any of the one’s that happen to be on my computers so I decided to start looking for an alternative, what I found is below, some of it is pricey and some of it is free, just like the old saying “you get what you pay for” if your trying to make a huge production you will be able to find something that fits that criteria, if you just need something that is quick and you can throw it on Youtube you will find a few that make it very easy.  I personally have used the techsmith products for the past few years and have become comfortable with some of them, try each one out and see what fits you and your company best.
  • Techsmithis the Company:  There is a free 30 day trial on many of these at the time of this information so you will be able to test the specific software out before having to buy.
    • If you decide to buy any of the techsmith software make sure you watch the tutorials before you jump into the software head first:
      • Camtasia Studio:  This is what I use on my computer when I’m working on my PC in the office, great screen capture software for your PC (If you are doing audio and video editing, need to add background music, cut and paste video or add pop up boxes with information this is this software is very simple and worth the money.)
      • Camtasia: mac:  This is what I use when I am on my MAC, the software is great and simple to use.
      • Snagit:  Have not used, if you use it please leave a comment below for the Nerdvestors that are on the site.
      • Jing: Free Software, you can record up to 5 minutes of video (very simple to use and it’s Free)
  •  Free software, used it briefly then went back to camtasia



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  1. Alina Boisjoly says:

    So much info! Wishing I could stay up 24/7 just to have the time to study every bit of information you so kindly share with us!

    Thanks Travis!!!!!

  2. Great info! Your on my favorites. Thanks!

  3. Bridget Bartholow says:

    Travis, thanks for a great marketing online class in August and your invaluable years of experience and resources. I’ll be working diligently.

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